Feed a Foster Dane Campaign!

Help us supply our foster homes with bags of food.

Did you know? All of our foster homes that care for the Danes that we take in have to pay for food, treats, toys, and beds out of their own pocket. As a rescue we do not have the funds to supply these things as our donated money barely covers the vet bills!

On average an adult Dane eating a premium kibble costs $50-70 a month to feed.
Some of our volunteers cannot afford to foster due to this or can only take one foster at a time. By donating towards our food shelf, you will help us take in more Danes in need! For as little as $40 you can help supply one of our foster homes with a bag of premium quality kibble.

Any amount is appreciated and will be applied towards purchasing food. To feed a foster, make a donation via PayPal. In the comment section, indicate “Feed a Foster”.