Friends’ Danes

The Danes memorialized on this page are those of UMGDR friends, volunteers, and supporters. Do you have a Great Dane you would like to memorialize, find out how.


Hans became part of our family when he was just a puppy. He was a surprise Christmas puppy for my mom. He was the most lovable dog you could meet. He loved going on walks, where many people would stop to pet him and ask “who is walking who?” and “Do you have a saddle for that thing?” When Hans was 7, we noticed he had a limp, so we took him to the vet to find out he had cancer. Our only option was to amputate his back, right leg and do chemo. The vet told us we would be lucky to have 6 months with him. After this, he was cancer free and went on to live to be 11. We all miss him terribly, but we are thankful for the amount of time we got to spend with him.


Nola joined our family when she was only 4 weeks old. She was a challenging puppy, but she was worth it! When she was young she started having siezures which we were able to control after 2 years and almost losing her several times. She lost her perfrial vision and depth perception during that time so she was always so clumsy. She couldn’t walk a straight line, and often crossed her paws going down stairs. Cross paws was one of her many nicknames. We lost her so suddenly yesterday. She was outside running with Morgan (our UMGDR adopted dane). She came in to the garage from playing and hit a chair, got her feet caught, had a panic attack and went immediately. She was my heart, we beat as one. She hated when I left the house, and now I know how she must have felt. We loved you so much Nola Tiger Moose Cross-Paws. 12-24-2007 to 11-20-2013.


JoJo joined our family in 2007.  She was there with us through many changes.   She was there when we purchased our first home and when we brought our sons home for the first time.  She was a very loyal and loving companion who was very playful until the day she departed.   JoJo always attracted the attention of others followed by compliments relating to how she look like she was prancing when she walked.  JoJo gave us a lot of great memories and forever will be in our hearts.  -  The Lundvalls

Last month we had to say goodbye to our wonderful, goofy, boy Diesel.  He was with us for 4 amazing years.  When they were giving out smarts Diesel skipped ahead in the line and got a triple helping of love.  That was our boy, all love and drool, and he was perfect!  We miss him every day, we just hope he is somewhere that his hips don’t hurt, there are plenty of sweets, a giant comfy couch and someone to scratch his head.

Rest in peace D.  -  The Hoffman Family

From Jeremy’s French Bulldog Tabby in memory of her brother Gunther.

Maia graced Julie and Shaun’s lives during her very short but full and loving life.


Sherkan was a very special dog. He lived with Tami Larsen, a single mom, her 2 children and 5 other dogs, and I don’t know how many cats. He was special and very loved. He was 8 years old. He passed away Saturday, July 23, 2011.


Blu loved my husband but he was my baby.
I’ll never forget when he kicked his daddy(hubby) out of bed. I heard a thud, looked over hubbys’ side of the bed and said Whachtcha doin down there. He said, “damn dog kicked me out of bed”. Then Blu drooled on him. We laughed and we still do. Funny “mamas boy”.

When HE decided it was his time to go, he layed in front of our creek, with the sun on his face all day. We had four guys coming over with tarps because it was supposed to get cold that night. We had tried to bring him up to the house. He wouldn’t even acknowledge us. But I was not going to let him be alone. We pulled out the tent and sleeping bags. He couldn’t support his weight

As We planned how to get him back up to the house, he suddenly appeared at the door. He came in, kissed me and layed down. The vet came over around 9pm that night and cried with me as she determined that it was time. (Dr. Faith has a Dane too.) He had not ate or drank for about 48 hrs. We tried his favorite foods. I couldn’t let him suffer.

Dr. sat on the floor with us and Blu as we said good-by. I miss him so much! So does his best friend, our rottie, Harley Brown (rescue, 4th home).

The funeral home came about 10p that night and took my baby away. I’m waiting for a great spring day to let his ashes go.

Our rule for “babies” is one more great day. Blu chose his. He had sunlight/ (direct on his face) & the sparkling creek. He, for some reason, chose not to drink or eat. But looked into that sun. I wish I could paint, because that picture is in my mind —- AMAZING “Blu” Boy

My baby found a way, weak as he was, to say good-bye to me. Thank God i was able to hold him at the end.

Donation made by Paul and Eileen Andersen in memory of Libby. Beloved Dane owned by the McKenna family

Maude was the beloved 12 year old pet of our neighbors, Roger and Jane. They have been long time Great Dane owners and terrific friends. They have owned several Great Danes since we have known them; Jo,Gabe and most recently Maude (at one time they were all together). They have also owned others including Babe prior to moving to our neighborhood. Like the others, Maude was friendly and affectionate.


I was privileged to be Centaur’s dog walker. He was the biggest dog I had ever seen and he wore it well. I’ll never forget introducing him to my 13-pound dog. Centaur was knocked on his butt when he realized she was in charge. He was a joy to walk and sit on the couch with. I’ll cherish my memories of him.

Dempsey Duke
Dempsey Duke

He was the most sensitive, sweetest, and gentle “giant” we ever met. He was such a “goofy” puppy until he grew into all his parts. We also have a St Bernard that we got at the same time. They were exactly 2 weeks apart in age and we got them at 10 and 12 weeks. They grew up together but had very distinct personalities. Dempsey would come over and nestle his head in your lap to be petted or just lean up against you to know he was there where the Saint would just clod into you lap like he thought he was a chihuahua. He had a special way of making you smile even if you were having the worst day ever. Then the unfortunate evening of March 3, 2010 (which happened to be our St Bernard’s 3rd Birthday – Dempsey turned 3 Feb 17th)he was having some stomach problems so we took him to the emergency clinic to have him looked at. We would have spent our life savings making him well however they wanted that before they could even “begin to diagnose” his problem. We decided it best to wait and bring him to our regular vet first thing the next morning. Our vet suggested exploratory surgery to see what the mass was in his stomach. We hoped for the best thinking maybe he just swallowed something which, in the back of our minds we knew wasn’t the case since we are very careful about not leaving things out for them to get in. We arrived back at the office just before the surgery and it wasn’t long before the vet came out and by the look on his face we knew instantly he did not have good news. He had 2 large tumors in his stomach and one beginning to form on the underside of his spine. The vet said if it had been one he would remove it and we could hope for the best unfortunately it was 3 and if removed it was only a matter of time before there were more. So we knew what we had to do and with heavy saddened hearts we sent him to the bridge. He will never be forgotten and will live in our hearts forever.


I lost my best friend unexpectedly and way too early to mesenteric torsion at the age of 5. Dakota was an incredibly handsome and majestic blue dane with a personality that made everyone smile. His spirit, love for life, and goofiness will never be forgotten. Dakota overcame a lot in his 5 years with me, and truly was the most amazing best friend that anyone could ask for. Although I know he is watching over me, I will greatly miss him for the rest of my life.

Maggie was our first Dane, and we fell in love with both her and the breed immediately! She was a 3-yr old owner surrender. I stumbled across her at our local city-owned shelter while there helping to start up a new volunteer program. Sue had talked several times about loving the looks of Harlequin Danes. And, there was Maggie with no warning and available for adoption. After she bounded out of her kennel and leaned on me, it was love at first sight and the rest is history.

Maggie never seemed lost, or withdrawn. Maggie had a huge personality and “attitude”–she would not let you forget she was in the room. Whenever we were at the computer or the dinner table, in short order Maggie would be there forcing her big head up under one arm or the other and standing there looking at our work, almost like she was evaluating us. It was hard to tell who was training who sometimes. One day she uttered her low growl as if to say she needed to go outside as usual. As I got out of my lounge chair to get the door she trotted past and bounded up in my chair, leaving me feeling rather silly…..

After 3 wonderful years with Maggie she contracted lymphoma. She was always more like a family member than a pet so there was never any doubt–we followed the “Madison protocol” of chemotherapy. 5 months of remission gave us hope, but she came crashing down in early November of ’09. As she declined it was obvious what we must do, but still the hardest decision we have made in our entire lives. We still miss her deeply and sometimes it feels like her large presence is still here…… Maggie taught us how to love Danes, which led us to the UMGDR website within a couple weeks of her death. On December 5, 2009, we adopted our 2nd beautiful girl–Ginger–and the large hole that had been in our home soon felt much smaller. Nothing will completely replace her, but we are sure Maggie would have approved of our choice.


Wilbur was a black great dane that was born with megaesophagus. It was a rough start from the beginning and you could tell by the way he looked at you that he knew he was sick, but wasnt going to give up. The vets gave him 4 months to live, but after building a baily chair and doing meds with a good diet we made it to 8 months until his stomach flipped inside out. He had more will to live than any human or dog I have ever seen. He would frequently he the blender start up and run to the kitchen no matter how weak he was. He would give you a look like “its okay mom and dad” He would cuddle all the time and get jealous any time we would give attention to our other dog. When we lost him, it was the saddest day ever but he looked at us not like he was sick but like he was sad because he could see we were hurting for him. We will always miss him and there will never be a dog as courageous and strong willed as Wilbur. His AKC name was “Where there’s a Wil there’s a Way”



Last night I lost my angel of a Great Dane. He was the most beautiful brindle I have ever seen. He had ears that were so big he could probably fly and feet that could only show how big he would have been. He was only 9 months old and he had always struggled to gain weight, we were in and out of the vet clinic his whole life but had no real answers to his dilemmas. On August 28th, 2009 Patron started seizing and wouldn’t stop, so we ran to the e-clinic where they had speculations but no answers still. Early on August 29th he died and I don’t know how another dog will ever be able to compete with him. I am very sad but I want him to be remembered for his beauty and elegance. He would have been the most majestic Great Dane.


In memory of Haley of Viroqua, WI, the “greatest” Great Dane there ever was.